Mission, Vision and Values


  Constantly seek the development of new products and applications in a fast and efficient manner, acting in a disciplined way, with internal costs and processes and generating value for the shareholders, wellbeing of our employees and the community where we operate.



  To be recognized as the best option for supplying non-ferrous metals and their works in the European market.



  1. Respect the commitments;
  2. Don’t let to do a task just because you think it is not important;
  3. If you do not know, do not be ashamed to ask;
  4. Look for the history of things, usually they have happened in the past;
  5. Make new mistakes;
  6. Perform each task by ALWAYS looking at the commitment to the result;
  7. Do not wait for the information to come to you, seek the knowledge (Internal and External);
  8. Discipline is the Shortest Path to Good Results.