Whistleblowing Channel

This communication channel enables any interested party to report in a safe, responsible and anonymous manner deviations in anti-corruption laws, anti-bribery management system policies, discrepancies related to the responsible supply of minerals in our supply chain, supplier codes of conduct, unethical conduct in the units, any indication of environmental irregularity, occupational safety and health and other policies of the Tor group and its subsidiaries.

Share with us facts or concerns about possible transgressions.

Your report can be done via the button below or by email grupotor@legaletica.com.br

This channel is exclusive to complaints, for other matters use the “Contact Us

Participation Terms:

All information received and recorded here will be audited by Legal Control, a consulting company specialized in ethics and compliance, ensuring confidentiality and the proper forwarding of each situation.

The veracity of the reported information will be checked during the verification process and the resulting actions will be taken at the sole discretion of TOR Participações’s Group.