Quality and Environmental Policy

In order to consolidate a company, it is necessary to create pillars that support all the company’s activities as well as create a safe environment for its employees to work, as well as providing a concrete horizon for all departments.

Therefore, we created:

1. To satisfy the needs of customers in the non-ferrous metal segment, meeting its specifications competitively.

2. Continuously obtain results that satisfy the stakeholders of the company by defining strategic objectives.

3. Systematically ensure the continuous improvement and evolution of processes and at the same time improve the environmental performance of its activities, products and services by making a commitment to protect the environment, including pollution prevention, systematically reducing their impacts, best available techniques and by applying prevention measures.

4. Ensure continued supply by partnering with suppliers, and influencing suppliers of products and services to engage in responsible environmental behavior and practices.

5. Ensure compliance with the requirements of the legislation, regulations and other requirements defined by our organization and the other stakeholders.

6. Raise awareness among all employees, reinforcing awareness, competence with individual and collective character.